Protein Bars

We have a selection of protein bars that have already been through our development process and are ready to be selected as your own branded bar.

All our protein bars are formulated to give between 15% and 20% protein.  Importantly they have a balance of protein sources to give a more balanced amino acid profile than just using one protein source.

We do not manufacture protein flapjacks as they tend to require large amounts of syrup to bind the oats and protein powders together.  The use of syrups is something we avoid and concentrate on producing a more natural protein bar that tastes good.

We do not add any sugars or sweeteners during the manufacturing process.  Dried fruits are naturally rich in fructose sugars and some sugar may be added to some fruits at source as a preservation method.

Like all our brand owner bars, the minimum order volume for our protein bars in your own packaging is just one pallet of product.  For a typical 50g-70g protein bar this is around 10,000 bars per flavour.