Ready to Go

Many brand owners want to minimise launch costs and schedules and are happy to run with one of our proven formulations. These are bars we have already done the development work on and know that they work well on our processing line. The bars can be in a variety of weights from 25g to 90g to suit your requirements.

We don’t keep fresh samples of these bars, so we suggest that a brand agrees to a small 1000 bar run in plain packaging to test the bars with their customer base. The typical cost for this service is around £500, depending on the bar formulation and size.

The next step is for the brand owner to commission packaging, this is normally the film wrapper, display carton and shipping outer. We work with a few selected packaging companies who will guide you through the process, with our help.

When your packaging is delivered to site, we can then run your very own branded bars through the plant and deliver to your door.

The minimum order volumes are low at just one pallet of bars which is typically 10,000 bars for a 50g bar weight.

We are happy to discuss exclusivity for any of our ready to go formulations, but naturally we would require commitment to agreed volumes.